Friday, October 24, 2008

Math Problems


My way? I memorized that 7x6=42.

Zane's way: (2) 7's = 14, so (2) 14's = 28 and another (2) 7's would be 42.

We're all different, right? Sheesh. What did I get myself into? Phil's truly a mathematical genius in my opinion. His older son, Michael is at Missouri S&T and scored highest out of 400 kids in his placement test for his first year of engineering.

Who am I to think I can teach Zane math? I mean, yeah, I took calculus my senior year. I can DO math. I'd just rather not. Words are far more interesting to me.

Zane was doing multiplication as a three year old. I'm so not kidding. He'd sit on Phil's lap and say, "Daddy? Two two's make four right?"

And in the car--Save me!! The kid does math every.single.time we get into the car and wants me (me!?) to tell him if he's got the right answer. I NEED a pencil and paper or a calculator. Period. He knows it. He just wants to prove he's better than me at math.

Fine! I can write a short story better than him. ;)

Are your kids little you's? Or are they your spouse in living color?
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dianne - bunny trails said...

Oh my goodness. My youngest has a completely different way of thinking about math. Used to make me NUTS. Now I've just learned to work with it. He's very bright, but I can't squish him into MY box. It's a challenge, for sure, though. My oldest? Much more like me. MUCH easier to teach.

Lisa said...

My hubby and I are both engineers, but I definitely have a creative side, whereas he's allllllllll engineer.

My older son is definitely cut from the same cloth as my hubby. All science and math, all the time. He's majoring in engineering in college now. Poor kid had no chance.

My younger son is good in math and science -- and everything else. His real love this year is the school paper, where he has an editor position as a sophomore. Like me, he's creative in a lot of ways.

And of course, I'm proud to be mom of them both, different as they are.