Friday, January 9, 2009

Wine Time

Did you really think I'd be able to keep up with a posting schedule? I mean, really?

Yeah, I didn't either.

So it's been awhile. But I do have good news. We finished the year strong and have started on schedule and man does it feel good!

After the nonsense and holiday time-sucks, Zane and I finally got to catch up with our homeschooling buddies (and just all around peas-in-a-pod friends.) No matter how much time we spend together, it's never enough. Quite bittersweet.

Towards the end of the evening, we give our boys the "5-minute warning" y'know--"We're leaving in 5 minutes." Except they know we can't tell time. I'm pretty sure they walk away whispering that they've got about an hour to play. The last time we were there and were leaving in "5 minutes" it turned out to be 2 hours.

So we got to talking about how bad we're being teaching these boys about time. Last night, I tried a different approach. Instead of saying "5 minutes" I said, "See the wine in this glass? We're leaving when I'm finished with that." Then my friend's husband added, "And when she's finished with that, I'm pouring that much more in her glass because it's all that's left in the bottle, so she'll be here until then."

My son panicked. Apparently my drinking time is faster than my warning-leaving time. He said something like, "C'mon! We have to hurry!"

My friend, coughTonicough, and I again ruminated how to fix this problem we have. No. Not the drinking problem! Shame on you!

I figure maybe we'll leave the time lessons to dad?

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