Thursday, October 2, 2008


Do I take advantage of homeschooling?

We're now like 2 full weeks behind. My grandma's funeral was last week, Phil and I went to a writer's conference, I sprained my ankle and am pretty useless at this point, and I'm wondering, how do I get so off track?

Do other Homeschoolers have this problem?

How do you manage to stick with the schedule and how do you determine what is priority?
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Naval Langa said...

To Ms. Michelle

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Naval Langa

Amber (Bringing Good Home) said...

Hey - I'm behind and I haven't had my grandma pass away, a conference, or a sprained ankle. So what's MY excuse??

So - I say - Don't stress about it. As homeschoolers, we're teaching our children more than just the bookwork. We're teaching them about life, how to deal with what comes along, how to prioritize. We're teaching them about chores, work ethic and responsibilities. We're teaching them about helping others, stepping in and taking care of each other when they need it.

Sometimes the life lessons overtake the book lessons. That's okay, but don't let it make you give up on the book lessons. It's intimidating, but everything you do (including setting school aside to deal with the loss of a family member and then getting back into the school books) is setting an example for our kids to follow.

Last week we "doubled up" trying to get two weeks worth done in one week. But then we didn't do school the second half of the week so we're still behind and doubling some subjects again this week.

I have a built-in catch-up system. We do school year round, so we do school 3 weeks and take a week off to give ourselves a break and not burn out. However, if we get behind at all, we can use some of those days to catch up before beginning the next 3 week session. However, I opted to start school a week late because of something going here and skip our first break, which is why catching up is so hard right now. But we'll get another break in a couple of weeks and I'm REALLY looking forward to it!!

~michelle pendergrass said...

You're right Amber. I thought about the built-in catch-up system and I realized I did have one in place. (Did I do SOMETHING right?!)

We do school year round, 4 days a week, with breaks. So all I have to do is help Zane by reading to him so things go quicker and use some of that built in cushion and things should go ok. (Hopefully!)

AmyDe said...

Define "behind" It's your school and your childrens' education and the beauty of HS is that is all works out with whatever schedule you choose. It doesn't have to be PERFECT! And you don't have to do EVERY thing on your schedule or list - just do something and make it work for your family.

MoziEsmé said...

Life lessons always take precedence over book lessons in my book! So stay the course, find a routine, and don't stress if you don't always stick to it. Whatever you do, though, don't use yesterday's failure as an excuse to fail today :)